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Welcome to the myCal PRO User Forum

Postby HairyJohn » Mon Jul 02, 2012 9:16 pm

Welcome to the myCal PRO User Forum

myCal PRO is a calendar app containing fantastic views of your events all without needing to set up any new subscriptions as it displays events from the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad's own internal calendar!

Supports iOS 5 and above, iPhone 3GS/iPod Touch 3rd Gen and better, and all versions of the iPad!

★ Enhanced Month View that displays actual events (no more dots!)
★ Adjustable font size on Month View to display even more detail
★ Optional ISO Week Number display on the Month View
★ Enhanced Week View, 7 day split. Each row is scrollable so you can see *all* your events at a single touch. Tap an event to edit, tap and hold to add an event on that day
★ Enhanced Day View that displays much more detail including title, location, calendar name with hyperlink, reminder, birthday and repeat icons
★ Supports both Landscape and Portrait, with full screen options for each
★ Multi day events span across multiple days
★ Uses the internal calendar as its database, no additional syncing required. Any iCal subscriptions already created will be visible in myCal PRO

myCal PRO is designed to take advantage of and maximize the usage of the screen. It only has a single task bar at the top and the iOS status bar can be hidden in either Landscape, Portrait or both.
In the Month and Week views multi day events are drawn across multiple days allowing you to see more or all of the event.

We are constantly working to improve myCal PRO so feel free to register on this forum and post questions!
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