How do I use this feature: Tasks, To-Do Lists and Reminders

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How do I use this feature: Tasks, To-Do Lists and Reminders

Postby HairyJohn » Tue Aug 21, 2018 11:07 pm

NEW: User Guide to editing Tasks, To-Do Lists and Reminders from within myCal PRO
This post describes how to use the new Tasks feature that is available in myCal PRO.

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Tasks are generally grouped together into lists, for example a Shopping list, a Home and/or Work To-Do list, the 'list' is endless! You can define your own lists by tapping the Settings icon in the myCal PRO toolbar and selecting the Tasks, To-Do Lists and Reminders option, then tap the Lists option. Here you can add new lists, set colors, or rename lists. Be aware that deleting a list will also delete all the tasks within it.

How do I enable Tasks in myCal PRO?
The Tasks, To-Do Lists and Reminders functionality is an in-app purchase. Don't worry, it is a single, one off payment and is the lowest payment tier available.
In myCal PRO, tap the Info icon in the toolbar. Then tap the in-app purchase option for Tasks, To-Do Lists and Reminders. Once purchased you will also be asked to provide permission to access the Reminders within iOS.

How do I see my tasks in the Day, Week, Month or Year View?

If you have any tasks that are due on a date in the future you will see a Tasks event on that day with a number in an orange circle denoting the number of tasks due on that date.
If you have tasks that are due on a date in the past, you will see a Tasks event in today with a number in a red circle denoting the number of overdue tasks.
If you have tasks that do not have a due date, you will see a Tasks event in today with a number in a grey circle denoting the number of 'floating' tasks.
Completed tasks appear in a Tasks event on the day they were completed with a number in a green circle denoting the number of completed tasks.
If you tap the Tasks event on a given day, you will see all the Lists that contain the tasks denoted by the circled numbers described above. This is the Consolidated Tasks view.
If you tap a list, you will see the tasks that are available on that day. This is the Tasks view where you see all the relevant tasks.

How do I complete or edit a task?
In the Tasks view described above you can tap the task tick box to complete it, or tap anywhere else on the task to edit it. Once a task has been completed it will fall to the bottom of that list. You can un-tick that task to reinstate it.
You can also complete a task when you edit it, and also change the date and time it was completed.

How do I add a task?
Long tap on the '+' icon in the myCal PRO toolbar to open the Add Task page.
Long tap on an empty part of a day to see the day menu, select the Add Task option to open the Add Task page. If you long tap on a date in the future, the Add Task option automatically sets the Due Date to that date.
In the Tasks view described above you can type directly into the Quick Add text box. As you tap Return a new task is added to the list. You can keep typing and tapping Return to add multiple tasks and so forth. Once finished, just tap Return with no text entered to close the Quick Add keyboard.

What information can I add to a task?
When you add or edit a task there are several fields available.
You can enter a Title, a Location, and select which List the task belongs to. You can even change the Completed status and change the completed date and time.
The Due Date section allows you to set when the task is due, if required. If you set a Due Date you can also start adding alerts and/or repeat rules to the task.
Priority helps you identify how important a task is. Higher priority items appear closer to the top of a list and are denoted by colored exclamation points in the Tasks view.
You can also set a URL for a task, and beneath that is a Notes section.
When editing a task you can also tap the Delete Task button to delete a task.

How does the Tasks View work?
This view shows you all the tasks relevant for the selected day.
The Quick Add text box as described above allows you to add multiple tasks quickly.
You can change the order of your tasks, by default they are sorted by Priority which actually means task priority then overdue number of days, then by task title. The Alphanumeric option orders tasks simply by title.
You can swipe left on a task to see the option to Delete it. Then tap Delete to confirm you want to delete that task.

Can I share tasks with other people?
You can share specific lists with other users, allowing you to both add, edit and complete tasks, and see that the other user has completed tasks.
To share a task list with another iCloud user:
Go into the Reminders app (all tasks created and displayed in myCal PRO are stored here, so will sync automatically to iCloud for you)
Open the list you want to share
Tap the Edit option to the right of the list name
Tap Sharing
Tap Add person...
Enter the iCloud email address of the person you want to share with
Tap Done
You will see the person you invited in the Shared With list. They will receive an email inviting them to that list, which they will need to accept
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