How do I use ezTasks?

How do I use ezTasks?

Postby HairyJohn » Sun Dec 03, 2017 1:57 pm

ezTasks can be used to add and edit calendar events as well as create and update your task lists. As the name implies, ezTasks is easy to use!

When you install and then start the app for the first time, you will be prompted for permission to access the device reminders. Tap ok to this as ezTasks simply reads and writes to the reminder lists that are stored on your device. There is no syncing process to keep them up-to-date, it uses the same lists!
You will also be asked for permission to access the device calendars. This allows ezTasks to display your events as the same time as your reminder lists, so tap ok to this as well.
Once the app has loaded you will be shown the day view, looking at today. What can you see:

On The Toolbar
  • Home icon top left: Takes you to your today view
  • Plus icon: Tap to add a calendar event, or long tap to add a task
  • Drawer icon: Set a calendar filter to hide specific calendars if required
  • Gear icon: The app Settings pages
  • Info icon: Further information about the app, and links to ask questions or report problems
Your Task Lists
Your task lists will be displayed if they contain any tasks that are relevant to the current day. Each task list will have 1 or more colored bubble numbers. The definitions of which are:
  • Red bubble number: The number of overdue tasks in that list
  • Orange bubble number: The number of tasks that are due to be completed on that day
  • Green bubble number: The number of completed tasks on that day
  • Gray bubble number: Floating tasks that have no due date, and that have not yet been completed
Tap a task list to see all the relevant tasks within it.

Your Events
You can also see the events you have scheduled on the current day. These might be all day events, or timed events. Also, your events can be in different colors to help you identify what they are for. You might have different colors for Home, Work (and different types of work), Sports, for example.

Long Tap Menu On A Day
You can long tap on an empty part of the day view to see the long tap menu. The options include:
  • Add Event: Displays the Add Event page
  • Add Task: Displays the Add Task page
  • Set Color*: Allows you to set the background color for a specific day
  • Set Image*: Allows you to set the background image or photo for a specific day

Long Tap On A Task
  • Add Task: Displays the Add Task page with this list already selected

Long Tap On An Event
  • Edit Event: Displays the Edit Event page and provides the same functionality as tapping an event
  • Duplicate...*: Can then select an option to duplicate on that day, on the next day, or the next week
  • Delay...*: Can specify how long to delay the event by, minutes, hours or days
  • Cut*: Can Cut the event and then paste it later from the day long tap menu
  • Copy*: Can Copy the event into memory and then paste it later from the day long tap menu
  • Location In Maps: If the event has a location, you can see it on a map with optional directions
  • Set Category Tag*: Highlight the event with a colored tag
  • Mark As Completed*: Highlight the event with a colored tick to show it has been completed
  • Add Event: Add event as the same time
  • Delete: Delete the event with a confirmation dialog first

*NOTE: Options denoted with a * require a one-off in-app purchase to use.

You can find the ezTasks release information here.
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